In South West India, in the region known as the Konkan, bounded by the state of Maharastra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, you will find India’s smallest and arguably most beautiful state… Goa.


Gifted by miles of magnificent beaches that form its western coast along the Arabian Sea, and an abundance of nature, this emerald land is a tropical paradise, a hotspot for travellers looking for fun, culture and a touch of spice. Goa is sure to captivate your mind, body and soul with delicious curries of coconut milk, palm vinegar and chillies, laid back beach shacks, pink sunsets, buzzing beach-front bars and groovy beach parties.


More than just the pleasure of warm sand under your feet, there’s so much to discover here; gaze at white-water waterfalls, explore temples and centuries-old cathedrals mingled with forts and ruins that take you on a journey back to an ancient era, wander round the gloriously scented spice stalls, colourful markets and bazaars or stroll along the bird-filled banks of the state’s gentle rivers… Prepare to fall in love.

“Here in Goa, a herd of water buffalo will greet you at breakfast; a lily-covered lake might provide the scenery for your morning walk; a sea eagle will be your afternoon companion along a deserted stretch of pristine beach; a gorgeously spice-laden vindalho (vindaloo) might make your evening repast and a fiery glass of cashew-palm feni liquor your bedtime tonic.”

Lonely Planet

Spring/Summer/Winter 2016
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