Goa facts

Goa, a state in India’s West region and is a former Portuguese colony with rich history. It is 3,700 square km in size with a population of approximately 1.4 million. The Goan population is a mixture of Hindus and Roman Catholics, the distribution being approximately 65% Hindu and 24% Christian. There is also a smaller Muslim population.

Capital City: Panaji (Panjim)

Population: 1,340,000

Area: 3700km²

Currency: Indian Rupee (INR)

Weights & Measures system: Metric

Electricity: 230-240V, 50Hz

Distance from Goa to various cities:

  • Bangalore (592 km)
  • Delhi (1912 km)
  • Hyderabad (747 km)
  • Mumbai (593 km)


Usually the climatic conditions of Goa are temperate, except during the monsoon, which usually lasts from June to September. Goa weather is pleasant and sunny. There are no great extremes in temperature and no clear demarcations from one season to the other except for the monsoon. The average annual rainfall is approximately 330cms with the average daily sunshine between nine to ten hours in summer and three to five hours during the monsoon season.

Average Temperature °C

January 32° – February 32° – March 32° – April 33° – May 33° – June 31° –
July 29° – August 30° – September 30° – October 31° – November 33° – December 33°

Spring/Summer/Winter 2016
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