Tefl Teacher Training

Open up a world of opportunity, a new life abroad full of challenges, excitement, and wonderfully rewarding experiences with our Intensive TEFL Diploma. Teaching English overseas is the perfect opportunity for any English speaker to explore the world and immerse themselves in new cultures, and what better place to begin that journey than in Incredible India!

Our four-week TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Diploma programme has been designed for native or high-level speakers of English, provides themwith a thorough grounding in English Language Teaching techniques through a combination of instruction, observation and real teaching practice, and develops their natural ability to teach others in a fun, interesting and stress-free environment.

Our four-week TEFL Diploma:

  • teaches the principles of effective teaching to adults and young learners
  • provides a range of practical skills for teaching English
  • gives hands-on teaching practice.

You will be assessed throughout the course, with no final examination.

Course Dates
11th April 2011 to 6th May 2011
16th October to 11th November 2011
23rd January to 18th February 2012

Course Fees
£995 (inclusive)

Candidates have the option of staying in our on-campus residence, or with a local hostfamily. Prices start at £75 per week. See here for details.

Volunteer Teaching
Following completion of thier TEFL Diploma, candidates who wish to put their new skills to excellent use may take also part in our volunteer programmes throughout India

Spring/Summer/Winter 2016
Now taking bookings

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